Why Use Cubber Pay?
Cubber is coming with a new app in favor of users for better shopping and transaction. Cubber Pay is an app for alldealing andfor which you can buy Cubber Pay card from the app. Cubber Pay card will be acceptable all over India like other debit or Credit cards. More over the card has many various features which will be helpful to all the users like nearby feature. This feature will give information about affiliate partners. There will be also available different cashbacks and discounts for users.
Cubber Pay will be helpful for those parents who wants their kids to learn how to go cashless and use card for their daily transactions. For those companies who gives employees incentives and allowances. Go cashless everywhere with only cubber Pay.
Block and unblock of Cubber Pay
Protection of your Cubber Pay is must. Now you don’t have to worry about protecting of your Cubber Pay online from frauds and cheaters or stolen PIN. Cubber Pay has a feature where users can easily block or unblock the account and Cubber Pay card which will prevent all your concerns. Were you gone for trip or out for a while and used your Cubber Pay a lot? And now afraid of someone using your wallet? Don’t bother yourself with these thoughts, just block your account easily from your mobile phone. Unblock it after a while whenever you are in need to use. This feature will be really helpful for those who uses Cubber Pay endlessly. Use better security on transaction only with Cubber Pay.
Effective for Kids to use
With the growing country of cashless it is important to teach kids to use transaction cards. Cubber Pay is the best way for that. Parents give limited amount for daily uses in the card and can keep track where kids are using the card. Kids don’t have to protect the card like cash and also the card is accepted everywhere.
Allowances for employees
So many companies gives allowances to their employees as meal allowance, petrol or travel. For which companies have to go with a lot of trouble but now the time has changed with technology. Give your employees Cubber Pay card and add limited balance to their card. Now forget old method of allowances. Here company can also track where employees used the card so Cubber Pay card is best option in modern India to provide Allowances.
Incentives by companies
Same goes for Incentives, employees get incentive on their work where companies pay in cash to them. Like allowances, incentives also can credited to employees Cubber Pay card. Employees can use the card and given incentive as they like as for shopping, food, bill payment all over the place. Now motivate your employees for their work to keep going with Cubber Pay.
Quick Pay
This is really helpful feature of Cubber Pay. Scan QR code to pay anywhere smoothly and rapidly. With Quick pay feature you don’t have to go online payment process and it will save your productive time also.
Limited Spending option
The card will let you spend till your limited decided amount. So Cubber Pay user cannot spend more amount anywhere like in shopping or other places. You can say that Cubber Pay card system will improve your cash management because of decided limit of money in card.
Simple reloading
User can reload money into Cubber Pay account at the time in need. So if you are somewhere stuck for money, simply reload amount from your bank to your Cubber Pay and use your Cubber pay card whenever needed.
Nearby shops to use Cubber Pay
Find nearby affiliate shops and stores of Cubber Pay. This feature will help you to find places, offers and outlets where Cubber Pay is acceptable. Find out list of affiliates around you on map with various offers, location, name and categories. Get best deals and cashbacks on CubberPay with the help of Nearby.
Lower risk of Theft
Crime rates will diminish due to less carrying of cash with lower risk of theft since you will be carrying the Cubber Pay everywhere. Cubber Pay will help to pay every type of transaction with Cubber Pay card.
Easy Reset PIN
If you think that you are need of changing your Cubber Pay PIN. Don’t worry, it is possible in just few touch. You can Reset PIN of your Cubber Pay card without any difficulty and instantly.
Block card
It is possible that your card may be stolen or lost. At that time you don’t have to be in panic. Block your Cubber Pay card directly with Mobile app of Cubber Pay anytime. So that no one can use the card if it’s stolen or lost.
Effortless Activation
Cubber Pay is really easy to Activate. After Login toyour Cubber Pay app activate Cubber Pay card. After blocking the card you can unlock or Reactivate when the card is required for your use.
Can be used at many places
Cubber Pay can used at so many places. While Shopping, at petrol station, paying bills and many more places. Use Cubber Pay card to improve cash management.
Useful for age of under 18
Cubber Pay will allow Under 18 customers or here as in kids to use Cubber Pay card. Parents can give the card to their kids with limited pocket money, so the kids don’t lose money and can learn easy transactions.
Give your employees Bonus in their Cubber Pay card. No more trouble of giving bonus in cash. Go cashless with Cubber Pay and add bonus to your employees Cubber Pay card which can be use everywhere in India.
Gift Card
Give CubberPay card to your friends or family members as gift with some amount and they can reuse the card afterwards adding amount into the cards. Many times you are not sure what to give someone as a gift. Cubber Pay card is the best option at this moment.
Beneficial for Students
Students can spend whatever money they have put in their card so they don’t have to go out of budget. Also students with travelling must use cards since cash can be stolen any time. So Cubber Pay card is best option for students to control their budget and cashless transaction.
For every kind of transaction whether it’s Shopping, Travelling, Hotels, Entertainment, Jewellery, Restaurant, Petrol or Bill payment, Cubber Pay will be always helpful to go cashless without any problem of fraud or snatching.