Terms & Conditions
The words We/Us/Our will with the end goal of this affirmation mean and incorporate Cubber Pay.
The words Customer/User/You/Applicant will with the end goal of this assention mean and incorporate "Client". The utilization of Cubber Pay Account and Services by the Customer will be liable to acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as nitty gritty thus beneath ("Terms and Conditions").
By applying for utilization of Cubber Pay Wallet, the Customer recognizes that the Customer has perused, comprehended and consents to be bound by these Terms and Conditions characterized hereunder and as might be altered now and again by the Bank and/or Cubber Pay.
  • "Account Opening Form"/"AOF" will mean the frame that Cubber Pay may require to be filled by qualified Customer recorded with the end goal of "KYC" alongside important supporting archives at Agent areas as well as such different areas as might be hinted by Cubber Pay every once in a while, for profiting Cubber Pay Services.
  • "Know Your Customer/KYC" will mean the different standards, guidelines, laws, rules and norms issued by RBI every once in a while under which Cubber Pay might be required to get individual ID refinements alongside supporting archives from the Customer. Such data or reports might be required at the season of accommodation of AOF and additionally at a later date, for benefit as well as continuation of the Cubber Pay Wallet.
  • "Agent/s" will mean the retail operators selected by Cubber Pay to help the enrolment procedure of an Applicant and to encourage the exchanges of Cubber Pay Wallet.
  • "Applicant" will mean a distinct individual over the age of 18 (eighteen) years, who wish to utilize Cubber Pay Wallet.
  • "Business Correspondent" or "BC" will mean approved business journalist of the YES bank Ltd for case Cubber Pay and wherever seemly, will consolidate its Agents.
  • "Bill Payment" will mean the exchanges wherein the Customer utilizes Cubber Pay to make installments towards service charges, vendor installments and other such bill installments.
  • "Charges" will mean all charges relating to the Transactions and all the more especially determined in provision 12 in this regard.
  • "Customer" will mean an Applicant who is observed to be qualified by the Bank or Cubber Pay to utilize Cubber Pay Wallet according to RBI directions and has opened a versatile wallet Account. With the end goal of this assention the words you/User/Beneficiary, will have indistinguishable importance from doled out to Customer.
  • "Force Majeure Event" will have the significance credited to it in statement 21 in this regard.
  • "Merchant/Merchant Establishment" will mean and incorporate any outlet/specialist organization who have been approved by Cubber Pay to acknowledge installment for merchandise or administrations utilizing Cubber Pay Wallet.
  • "Mobile Application(s)" will mean the product application(s) which entomb further, empowers Cubber Pay account through the cell phone.
  • "Mobile PIN" will mean a mystery secret word that would empower the Customer to anchor get to and work their Cubber pay Account.
  • "Cubber Pay Account" will mean and incorporate Cubber Pay Wallet.
  • "Cubber Pay Services" or "Administrations" will mean utilization of Cubber Pay Wallet and incorporate versatile/DTH revive; obtaining administrations, installment of bills, travel booking, installment for on the web and disconnected shopping and such different administrations which might be added now and again (all such administrations are separately or aggregately are alluded as Service or Services as they case might be).
  • "RBI" will mean the Reserve Bank of India.
  • "RBI Guidelines" will mean the material rules, directions, notices and guidelines issued by RBI in connection to the issuance and activity of installment instruments in India and assignment of Cubber Pay Account and transportable wallet Services and every single other rule and guidelines comprehensive of their particular changes as might be issued and advised by RBI now and again including The Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 and controls made there under.
  • "Single-Sign-On Services" will mean the administrations given by Cubber Pay to Customers through Cubber Pay Wallet, or something else. For shirking of uncertainty, the Cubber Pay Balance is issued by YES bank yet can be gotten to through Single-Sign-On Services.
  • "Threshold Balance" will mean similar counts as might be inflexible by Cubber Pay every now and then, well beyond which the Customer will have the alternative to exchange cash with respect to the Cubber Pay Wallet to Cubber pay Wallet as far as Clause 13.
  • "Transaction/s" will base any prestige or charge of cash settles in the Customer's versatile wallet Account including however not constrained to cash exchange installments and receipts, installments for products and ventures, utility installments, stores and withdrawals.
  • "Website" will mean the site pay.cubber.in and some other site as might be informed by Cubber Pay which are possessed, built up and kept up by Cubber Pay.
  • All references to solitary incorporate plural and the other way around and "incorporates" ought to be translated as "without restriction".
  • Words bringing in any genderincorporate the other gender.
  • Reference to the Terms and Conditions will mean and incorporate the Terms and Conditions of Cubber Pay Wallet.
  • Reference to any rule, mandate or other law incorporates all controls and different instruments and all combinations, corrections, re-establishments or substitutions for now in power.
  • All headings, intense composing and italics (assuming any) have been embedded for comfort of reference just and don't characterize limit or influence the importance or understanding of these Terms.
Registration Of Cubber Pay
Registration Of Cubber Pay Wallet/Payment Account
  • Cubber Pay Wallet will be issued by the Bank and/or BC to Customer on the demand of the Customer and in accordance with the Customer making an application for enlistment of Cubber Pay Wallet and consenting to terms and conditions as recommended by the Bank and additionally BC in such manner, gave the Customer has satisfied the qualification and Know Your Customer ("KYC") criteria and gave all important data ask by the Bank and/or BC.
  • The Bank and/or BC claims all authority to dismiss any application made for issuing a Payment Account without relegating any reason.
  • In request to gain, enlist, make and utilize a Payment Account, the Bank and/or BC may expect you to present certain individual data, for example, your name, portable number, email address, contact address, date of birth and so forth. You concur that the Data you give to the Bank and/or BC upon enlistment and at all different occasions will be valid, precise, current and complete. You will promptly illuminate the Bank or BC about change in Data alongside such verification of progress.
  • In request to gain, enlist, make and utilize a Payment Account, the Bank and/or BC may expect you to present certain individual data, for example, your name, portable number, email address, contact address, date of birth and so forth. You concur that the Data you give to the Bank and/or BC upon enlistment and at all different occasions will be valid, precise, current and complete. You will promptly illuminate the Bank or BC about change in Data alongside such verification of progress.
  • The accumulation, confirmation, review and support of right and refreshed Customer data is a consistent procedure and the Bank and/or BC save the right, whenever, to make strides important to guarantee consistence with all significant and material KYC prerequisites.
  • The Bank and/or BC claims all authority to suspend the Services/dismiss applications for Payment Account Services whenever if there are disparities in data or potentially documentation given by you or if the data given by you is observed to be mistaken or off-base. In such an occasion, the Bank and/or BC maintain all authority to relinquish the parity in that to the degree and as per Applicable Laws.
Transaction Limits
Transaction Limits Under Payment Account Services
  • The sum that can be executed in the Payment Account is administered by Applicable Laws including standards, controls and rules set somewhere near RBI which incorporate month as far as possible, exchange points of confinement and equalization restricts on the Payment Account. Subject to any change in Applicable Law including rules/warnings issued by RBI now and again the confinements expressed hereunder might be checked on and altered at the carefulness of the Bank without earlier hint to the Customer:
  • Following cutoff points have been allowed by RBI for any Payment Account:
    • i. Limited KYC Customer - The most extreme money related esteem that can be put away anytime of time and the complete estimation of reloads amid some random month in Payment Account is INR 10,000/ - (Rupees Ten Thousand as it were).
    • ii. Full KYC Customer - The equalization in the Payment Account ought not surpass INR 1,00,000/ - (Rupees one lac just) anytime of time. Most extreme exchange esteem limit amid the month will be settled by the Bank and/or BC which may change every now and then and client to client according to tact of the Bank and/or BC.
    • iii. Payment Account is legitimate for buy of Products and Transactions all through India in Indian Rupees as it were.
    • iv. Payment Account or Services thereunder isn't transferable except if required by activity of law.
    • v. The Customer will almost certainly utilize the Payment Account just to the degree of the sum stacked onto the Payment Account.
    • vi. The Payment Account will be initiated subject to such least sum being stacked on the Payment Account as might be determined by the Bank and/or BC every once in a while.
    • vii. The Customer or some other individual allowed to stack the Payment Account may credit the Payment Account through any of the strategies recommended every once in a while.
    • viii. The Customer might most likely complete all or any sort of Transactions, as might be accessible every once in a while.
    • ix. Cash withdrawal is passable from the Payment Account subject to terms and conditions as might be characterized by the Bank and/or BC.
    • x. No premium will be payable by the Bank and/or BC to Customers on the accessible equalization thought about the Cubber Pay Wallet.
    • xi. The Customer is allowed to keep up and work just a single Payment Account. Any suspected non-congruity with this prerequisite will be worthy motivation for the suspension/end of any/all Payment Accounts related with the Customer.
    • xii. The Bank and/or BC may further according to its prudence present fitting powers over the utilization of the Payment Account.
Charges & Validity
Wallet Charges & Validity
  • You will pay the Service Charges endorsed by Cubber Pay in the shape and way recommended. Cubber Pay may at its carefulness, change, alter, increment, or decrease the Service Charges without earlier hint to the Customer.
  • Any incentive in your Cubber Pay Wallet that is used towards making installments for any Transaction will be consequently charged from your Cubber Pay Wallet. Cubber Pay's obligation is constrained to the charging of your Cubber Pay Wallet and the consequent installment to any Merchant Establishment that you may execute with. Cubber Pay does not underwrite, advance or warrant any products or potentially benefits that may be procured /profited or advised to be purchased/benefited with help of CubberPay Wallet.
  • Cubber Pay maintains whatever authority is needed to require charges/charge commission upon any sums stacked to Cubber Pay Wallet or any sums spent/used by you utilizing Cubber Pay Wallet.
Terms Of Usage
Terms Of Usage
  • The Customer will consistently guarantee that the Payment Account certifications are remained careful.
  • The Customer will be in charge of the security of the Payment Account and will make all strides towards guaranteeing the care thereof. The Customer will not uncover his/her/its secret phrase to anybody verbally or recorded as a hard copy nor record it somewhere else. The Customer will guarantee the wellbeing and privacy of its login id and secret key and will keep Cubber Pay reimburse in the event of abuse of the equivalent.
  • The Customer will be at risk for all charges acquired on the Payment Account until the Payment Account is accounted for conclusion. You will, promptly private the Bank and/or BC of the event of any misrepresentation, hacking or unapproved use and the Bank and/or BC may, after due examinations, suspend or end the Payment Account. Anyway the Bank and/or BC will not be obligated for any such unapproved use or access of the Payment Account and it will be exclusively Customers duty to guarantee security and privacy of Payment Account subtleties.
  • On production of Payment Account, You will have the chance to utilize different intelligent angles through which you can speak with us and offer data. Try not to utilize wrong dialect; make unnecessary individual reactions or remarks.
  • You concur and recognize that you are exclusively in charge of any Information that you submit on the Website or Payment Account or transmit to our Team or potentially different clients of the Website/Payment Account.
  • You concur and recognize that you won't post, appropriate, or replicate in any capacity any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other restrictive data without getting earlier composed assent of the proprietor of such exclusive rights and won't present any substance or material that encroaches, misuses or disregards the protected innovation, attention, security or different privileges of any gathering.
  • You concur that you won't give/post any Information that dishonestly communicates or suggests that such substance or material is supported or embraced by the Bank and/or BC.
  • You concur that you won't give/post any data that is unlawful or that advances or supports illicit action.
  • You comprehend and concur that the Bank and/or BC may (yet isn't committed to) audit and erase any posted Information that in the sole carefulness of the Bank and/or BC abuses these Terms or which may be hostile, illicit, or disregard the privileges of, hurt, or compromise the wellbeing of different clients of the Payment Account or Website and additionally some other individual.
  • You recognize and concur that the Bank and/or BC don't and will not be required to effectively screen nor practice any article control at all over the substance of any message or other material or data made, got or open through the Services. The Bank and/or BC don't embrace, confirm or generally ensure the substance of any remarks or other material or data made by you. You are exclusively in charge of the substance of your interchanges and might be considered lawfully at risk or responsible for the substance of your remarks or other material or data.
  • You concur that you will just give/post data that you accept to be valid and you won't intentionally give false or deluding data.
  • The after is a rundown of the sort of substance and interchanges that are unlawful or restricted on/through the Website or Payment Account. The Bank and/or BC maintain whatever authority is needed to research and make suitable legitimate move in its sole carefulness against any individual who disregards this arrangement, including without confinement, expelling the culpable correspondence from the Services and ending the enrollment of such violators or obstructing your utilization of the Services, Payment Account and additionally the Website. You may not post content that:
    • i) belongs to someone else and to which You don't have any directly to;
    • ii) is horribly hurtful, hassling, irreverent slanderous, revolting, explicit, pedophilic, derogatory, intrusive of another's protection, scornful, or racially, ethnically offensive, stigmatizing, relating or empowering illegal tax avoidance or betting, or generally unlawful in any way whatever;
    • iii) harm minors in any capacity; encroaches any patent, trademark, copyright or other exclusive rights;
    • iv) violates any law until further notice in power;
    • v) deceives or deceives the recipient about the initial point of such reports or reveals any data which is horribly antagonisticor threatening in nature;
    • vi) impersonates someone else; contains programming infections or some other PC code, documents or projects intended to intrude on, annihilate or limit the usefulness of any PC asset;
    • vii) Threatens the solidarity, uprightness, protection, security or sway of India, benevolent relations with outside states, or open request or makes impelling the commission of any cognizable offense or dodges examination of any misdemeanor or is aggrieving some other country.
  • ou concur that you will advise the Bank and/or BC at cs@Cubber Pay.com after going over any frightful substance on the Payment Account or Website and the Bank and/or BC will utilize best endeavors to expel such shocking substance inside the timespan endorsed under Applicable Law.
  • The Customer will illuminate the Bank and/or BC recorded as a copy at cs@Cubber Pay.com inside seven (7) days, if any contrarieties exist in the exchanges /points of interest of the Payment Account on any announcement/records that is made accessible to the Customer. On the off chance that the Bank and/or BC don't get any data despite what might be expected inside seven (7) days, the announcement and the exchanges will be regarded to be right and unequivocally and permanently authoritative on you. All records of your directions and such different subtleties (counting yet not restricted to installments made or got) kept up by the Bank and/or BC, in electronic or narrative shape as per the Terms and Conditions in this, will be regarded to be decisive proof of such guidelines and such different subtleties. If there should arise an occurrence of any debate identifying with the season of detailing and additionally Transaction/s made on the Payment Account or Website or some other issue in connection to the said Payment Account, the Bank and/or BC will support whatever control is needed to decide the time or potentially the legitimacy of the questioned Transaction.
  • You must guarantee the accessibility of adequate assets previously executing any Transaction from the Payment Account.
  • You accept to hold stable to every single felicitous Law and every such guidance, rules and standards endorsed occasionally by the Bank, RBI and some other administrative body.
  • You therefore concur and recognize that the Payment Account is issued, stacked, pulled back, ended, shut down, suspended by the Bank and/or BC as it were.
  • You concur that you won't utilize the Payment Account for installment of any illicit/unlawful buys/purposes.
  • You will undoubtedly conform to the terms and conditions and every one of the arrangements stipulated by the Bank and/or BC now and again.
  • You will not utilize the Services, Payment Account or Website for any reason that may be taken as opposite or offensive to any felicitous Laws, directions, rules, legal tag, the Banks approaches or open arrangement or for any reason that may adversely preference the altruism of the Bank and/or BC.
  • You concur and acknowledge full duty regarding any unfair utilization of the Payment Account which is in repudiation of these terms and conditions. You will repay the Bank and BC and their particular executive, officers, faculty, contractual workers and specialists, to make great any misfortune, harm, punishments, claims, request, premium or some other monetary charges (counting attorney expenses) that the previously mentioned people may acquire as well as endure whether straightforwardly or in a roundabout way because of your submitting infringement of these terms and conditions.
  • The Bank and/or BC hold the total attentiveness and freedom to decrease or respect the approval ask for on the Payment Account without doling out any reason thereto.
  • The Customer recognizes and comprehends that the Services are connected to web association (and if there should be an occurrence of versatile, cell phone association) and the Bank and/or BC will not be capable and you will be exclusively in charge of all risk emerging from including yet not restricted to any misfortune or intrusion of the Services or the inaccessibility of Services because of a portable or web not supporting Payment Account or Website or Merchant site(s).
  • The Customer recognize that the data put together by the Customer for benefiting the Services or data submitted while utilizing the Services might be imparted to outsiders bury alia, to encourage the arrangement of the Services.
  • The Bank and/or BC may ask for the Customer to present extra KYC data/archives as a feature of progressing observing and due constancy.
  • The Bank and/or BC may at their sole prudence, use the administrations of outside specialist organizations/or operators and on such terms as required or vital, in connection to Cubber Pay Wallet as well as Services.
  • Merchant or Merchant Establishment may, at its sole prudence, make a few limited time offers, for example, issuance of vouchers, declaring limits, and so on. You explicitly concur and recognize that Cubber Pay will not be capable or obligated in any way in regard of any such limited time or different offers made by Merchant or Merchant Establishment. Cubber Pay renounces all risk emerging out of any such offer issued by Merchant or Merchant Establishment and profited by the User.
Transaction & Loading
Transaction & Loading Of Payment Account
  • You can utilize numerous financing hotspots for stacking cash in the Payment Account. These sources could be nevertheless not restricted to Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, and exchange from another Payment Account.
  • The Payment Account may likewise be stacked by exchange of discount cash of Transactions completed utilizing administrations of Merchant(s) or such other way as is worthy to the Bank. The Payment Account may likewise be stacked by showcasing advancements/plans/motivators, for example, money back, endowments, and so forth by BC, Merchant or outsiders or such other way as is adequate to the Bank and/or BC.
  • The Bank and/or BC may force charges/expenses and so forth, payable by the Customer for benefiting the said Payment Account and assets will be stacked on the Payment Account after finding of the relevant charges/expenses and so forth.
  • In request to oversee chance, the Bank and/or BC may restrict the subsidizing sources accessible for your utilization to support a specific Transaction.
  • The Bank and/or BC may screen every Transaction made into Your Payment Account to screen high-hazard and false exchanges. On the off chance that Your Transaction is delegated a high-chance Transaction or is associated with extortion, the Bank and/or BC will put a hang on the Transaction and may approach you for more data on you and your financing source. The Bank and/or BC will lead a survey and as needs be the Bank and/or BC will either clear or drop the Transaction, according to Applicable Law. In the event that the Transaction is cleared, Bank and/or BC will advise you and refresh Your Payment Account. Something else, the Bank and/or BC will drop the Transaction and the assets might be relinquished. The said assets will be refundable just to source account upon legitimate interest raised by holder of source account. The Bank and/or BC will advise you by email or potentially in the record history tab of Your Payment Account if the Transaction is dropped.
  • When you stack the Payment Account, you are obligated to the Bank and/or BC for everything of the mass in addition to any expenses, if the mass is afterward nullified in any way, shape or form including however not constrained to chargeback, inversion of Transaction, debate by the proprietor of subsidizing wellspring of a Transaction, you consent to permit the Bank and/or BC to recuperate any sums because of the Bank and/or BC by charging your Payment Account. On the off chance that there are deficient assets in your Payment Account to cover your obligation, you consent to repay the Bank and/or BC through different methods. In the event that the Bank and/or BC can't recuperate the assets from your essential subsidizing source, the Bank and/or BC may endeavor to reach you and additionally recoup the assets from your other financing sources, or may at their watchfulness, can take proper lawful activities to gather the sum due, to the degree permitted by Applicable Law. Likewise, the Bank hold whatever authorization is needed to cease or end Your Payment Account.
Payment Through
Payment Through Payment Account
  • The Customer may likewise somewhat pay for the Products offered by the Merchant from its Payment Account and pay the rest of the sum utilizing other installment instrument, for example, charge card, Visa, net managing an account, and so forth.
  • The Bank and/or BC maintain whatever authority is needed to defer withdrawals while screening for hazard, or demand you give extra data to confirm your character and may constrain the sum you can pull back until the data is checked.
  • Any withdrawal observed to be suspicious will be kept down and switched into Payment Account. The Payment Account will likewise be suspended for tasks and no Transactions will be conceivable pending an examination. A warning will be given to you in the event that you are the subject of an examination. On the off chance that you can give a support to the withdrawal as per the general inclination of the Bank and/or BC, your record will be expelled from suspension and you would be allowed to execute utilizing Your Payment Account.
  • In the instance of no data being given by you to a suspended Payment Account, the Payment Account will keep on being suspended till its legitimacy and the sum will be relinquished in consistence with rules of RBI.
  • The Bank and/or B.C. maintain no matter authority is required to prevent the Services or doubtless dismiss the AOF whenever at their sole consideration, if there area unit disparities within the knowledge given by the client to the motivation behind KYC. In such cases, the Bank and/or B.C. claim all authority to create appropriate move as they'll esteem work and applicable while not inflicting any obligation in any manner the least bit.
  • The Bank and/or B.C. claim all authority to suspend or doubtless stop Cubber Pay Services whenever, while notgiving earlier suggestion to the client, for anyone or the bulk of the related reasons, together with however not unnatural to:
    • i. For any associated infringement with any principles, controls, orders, headings, notices issued by run batted ineach once during a whereas or for any infringement of those Terms and Conditions.
    • ii. For any inconsistency or suspected inequality within the particular(s) or documentation or AOF given by the client.
    • iii. To battle potential extortion, undermine, wilful obliteration, risk to national security or for a few alternativepower majeure reasons (all the additional particularly purpose by purpose in statement twelve during thisbeneath) then forth.
    • iv. In request to comply with any material laws and directions.
    • v. For any specialised disappointment, change, upgradation, variety, movement, fix, and to boot support thanks toany crisis or for a few alternative specialised reasons.
    • vi. For any transmission lacks caused by land and geography requirements/confinements.
  • within the occasion of event of Transactions which may be translated as questionable or nettlesome, the Bank and/or B.C. maintain all authority to solidify activities in such Cubber Pay Accounts and/or shut Cubber Pay Account together with responsive to specialists as can be needed consistent with pertinent directions and as can be honored work and applicable.
  • In instance of system disappointment or for a few alternative reason outside the flexibility to manage of the Bank and/or B.C., there can be deferral or inability to complete the dealings. The Bank and/or B.C. maintain no matter authority is required to drop the dealings within the event of any system disappointment. The Bank/BC won't be responsible of any form of misfortunes that will happen thanks to such postponement of inability to complete Transactions.
  • The Bank and/or B.C. reserve(s) the on to dismiss the AOF and any records of the client while not giving any reason. The Bank and/or B.C. claim all authority to carry such AOF and archives and photos submitted aboard it.
  • Usage and task of postpaid Payment Account is prone to installment of administration charges supported by the Bank and/or B.C. and as kicked off on the web site each currently so. Charges are going to be selective of all assessments as relevant which is able to be charged extra.
  • The Bank and/or B.C. have the on to collect Charges together with but not restricted to, charges on dealings, intermittent maintenance, Services then on as per pertinent laws.
  • Client genuinely and irreversibly approves the Bank and/or B.C. to charge his/her postpaid Payment Account each once during whereas with pertinent exchange charges and expenses additionally to charges for the difficulty and utilization of postpaid Payment Account as and once needed by the Bank and/or B.C.
Suspension Of Services
Suspension Or Ending Of Services
The Bank and/or B.C. save the correct, while not earlier notice and at its sole circumspection, to suspend, limit, stop or deny access to or your utilization of Services given by the Bank and/or B.C.
  • Just in case any of the reports outfitted towards temperament, address proof and alternative KYC conditionsarea unit discovered to be phony/produced/damaged
  • Just in case shopper is not qualified to stay up or hold a postpaid Payment Account consistent with Indian Laws.
  • In instance of unacceptable direct of the postpaid Payment Account
  • In instance of no exchange has been done on the postpaid Payment Account by the client once expiration of a [*fr1] year or such alternative amount as indicated by the Bank and/or B.C.
  • If you utilize or the postpaid Payment Account utilisedor suspected to be utilized to dupe somebody or substance
  • If you utilize the postpaid Payment Account to require half in any unlawful exercises together with while notconfinement those which might establish the encroachment of accredited innovation rights, a standard risk or a criminal offense;
  • If you participate in any exercises that may somehow or another build any obligation for the Bank or for any of its temporary staff or specialists;
  • For any speculated error within the particular(s), on-line application, documentation given by the Customer;
  • Any act of God reasons;
  • If the equivalent is thanks to specialised disappointment, change, upgradation, variety, migration, fix, or doubtless support thanks to any crisis or for any specialised reasons;
  • If the equivalent is thanks to specialised disappointment, adjustment, upgradation, variety, movement, fix, and to boot support thanks to any crisis or for any specialised reasons;
  • If the Bank and/or B.C. settle for, as it would really like to assume, that discontinuance/suspension is crucial.
All notification to be issued to the purchasers beneath this Clause are going to be regarded to possess been sent and gotten on the contact knowledge given by the shopper to the Bank and/or B.C.
Indeminity & Termination
  • The client shall be susceptible to the Bank and / or BC for losses, expenses or damages and conform to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Bank and / or BC and /or Agents harmless from any and every one claims, losses, damages, liabilities, prices and expenses, as well as and while not limitation legal fees and expenses arising out of or associated with use or misuse of postpaid Payment Account Services or web site, violation of any of the terms and conditions or any breach of any representations, warranties and covenants created by the client underneath this Agreement.
  • The client shall indemnify the Bank and / or BC against any fraud or any loss or harm suffered by the Bank and / or BC because of the failure on the a {part of} the client to speak correct permanent or communication address and/or failure on the part of the client to speak any change/alteration within the aforementioned permanent or communication address.
  • The client could request for closure of Cubber Pay Account and Services therefrom any time by giving a written notice at cs@CubberPay.com a minimum of fifteen (fifteen) operating days to the Bank and / or BC. The termination shall get on the completion of the fifteenth day. The user can stay answerable for any Transactions created through Cubber Pay Account till the time of such termination.
  • Termination are going to be effective subject to payment of all amounts outstanding on the postpaid Payment Account. No fees charged, if any, to client shall be refunded within the event of termination, suspension or termination of Services.
  • The Bank and/or BC may additionally limit, terminate or suspend the employment of postpaid Payment Account at any time while not previous notice if the Bank and / or BC fairly believe it necessary for business or security reasons. The postpaid Payment Account should not be used when these Terms and Conditions finish or whereas use of postpaid Payment Account is suspended.
  • The Bank and/or BC shall, upon adequate verification, block/suspend/close the postpaid Payment Account and terminate all facilities in relation to it following the receipt of such intimation and shall not be accountable for any inconvenience caused to the client during this regard.
  • There could also be ending date for the postpaid Payment Account as could also be determined by the Bank and / or BC in accordance with the rules of tally.
  • Any price in your postpaid Payment Account to be used within the following manner:
    • i. at intervals half-dozen months from the date of your last dealing or
    • ii. at intervals half-dozen months from the date of activation; whichever is later
    • iii. Any price in postpaid Payment Account that isn't used or withdrawn within the said manner could stand confiscate at the discretion of the Bank and / or BC.
The Bank and / or BC can send thirty (30) days advance communication to client before any forfeiture of outstanding quantity within the postpaid Payment Account by SMS at the mobile variety and/or by email at email id that is provided by client to be used of the Services. It’s the responsibility of the client to make sure that the data provided by the client as well as the e-mail id and therefore the mobile variety is updated in the slightest degree times.
Further Terms
Further Terms
  • The Bank and / or BC build no categorical or implicit warrant, guarantee, illustration or endeavor some relating to the services, that aren't expressly mentioned herein.
  • The Bank and / or BC shall not be answerable for any acts or omissions of any third party as well as distributors/retailers/Merchants etc. with relation to services that aren't expressly licensed by The Bank and / or BC.
  • The Bank and / or BC shall not be susceptible to the client or the other person for any cant provided by the client to BC bearing on the postpaid Payment Account Services, any delays, loss of business, profit, revenue or goodwill, anticipated savings, damages, fees costs, expense, etc. or for any indirect or important loss, howsoever arising, on account of unavailability/usage of postpaid Payment Account Services or otherwise.
  • The Bank and / or BC shall not be accountable in any manner for the product or for any web site from any bourgeois institution from that they're purchased, or for any charges, taxes or different duties concerning the Transactions. The bourgeois institutions are exclusively answerable for all data in relevance the product, for the product themselves and their offer and sale to the client.
  • Any dispute with or criticism against any bourgeois institution should be directly resolved by the client with the bourgeois institution. It’s processed that The Bank and / or BC shall not be accountable or accountable for any deficiency in product and/or services purchased exploitation the Cubber Pay pocketbook. This exclusion of liability shall apply even for product and/or services created on the market by Cubber Pay underneath promotional schemes. Client is tutored to satisfy itself relating to the standard, amount and fitness of any sensible and/or service before buying identical.
Limitation Of Liability
Limitation Of Liability
  • Bill Payment Request
    • The client acknowledges that every one Bill Payments shall be dole out at-least four (four) operating days before the particular date of constructing payments of the amounts due underneath the bill. The client shall not hold the Bank and / or B.C. responsible for any delay in payments because of technical reasons or otherwise.
    • The client shall give complete details of the biller before initiating Bill Payment dealing for the several biller. The client acknowledges that instruction shall be dead on a true time basis. Hence, within the event that the client has keyed in wrong details and therefore the dealing is completed with success by Cubber Pay wallet then is such case, the client cannot hold the Bank and / or B.C. responsible for any loss arising out of it.
    • The client shall inform the Bank and / or B.C. just in case the dealing has been dole out by the client howeverthe bills are still unfinished for payment, client shall consult with the Grievance policy of Cubber Pay on its web sitefor a lot of details.
  • Recharge
    Cubber Pay is barely a reseller of postpaid mobile services by telecommunications service suppliers or the suppliers of such postpaid recharge or alternative distributors or aggregators. Cubber Pay isn't a sponsor, insurer, or supporter of the services to be provided by the by telecommunications service suppliers. Recharge sold by Cubber Pay to the client is sold while not recourse against Cubber acquire any breach of contract by the by telecommunications service suppliers. Any disputes relating to the standard, minutes provided, cost, expiration, or alternative terms of the Recharge purchased should be handled directly between the client (or the recipient of the Recharge) and therefore the by telecommunications service suppliers.It is the only real responsibility of the client to enter the proper variety for postpaid recharge, Cubber Pay can't becontrol liable just in case of input of any wrong info by the client.
  • Bus Tickets
    • i. Cubber Pay is barely a ticket agent and doesn't operate bus services of its own. Cubber Pay provides a comprehensive alternative of bus operators, departure times and costs to customers; it's occupied with severalbus operators and repair suppliers.
    • ii. Cubber Pay's recommendation to customers is to settle on bus operators they're tuned in to and whose service they're snug with.
    • iii. Cubber Pay's responsibilities include: a) Supply a licit price tag (a ticket that may be accepted by the bus operator) for its' network of bus operators. b) Providing refund and support within the event of cancellation.
  • Gift Vouchers
    • i. Cubber Pay is performing Associate in for benefit agent purchasable of gift coupon of various merchant(s). Gift vouchers are accessible purchasable in digital type solely.
    • ii. Cubber Pay conjointly sales its own gift vouchers (known as Cubber Pay Gift Cards)
    • iii. Client agrees and understands whereas getting gift voucher of any specific merchant(s) that terms and conditions of that merchant(s) shall be applicable with respect of these gift vouchers.
    • iv. Client agrees and understands that validity of Cubber Pay Gift Card is six months solely. just in case constantstay unutilised once expiration of validity amount, Cubber Pay reserve the proper to forfeit constant with none infoto client. Cubber Pay reserve the proper to alter the validity amount of Cubber Pay Gift Cards.
Modification Of Terms
  • The Bank and / or B.C. reserve the proper, at its sole discretion to change, modify or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and therefore the same shall be updated and displayed on web site or postpaidPayment Account.
  • The Bank and / or B.C. could transform, cease and/or suspend postpaid Payment Account solutions anytime with or while not previous notice, because of any changes in internal policies, rules, laws and laws set by relevant authorities and/or regulators.
If any a part of these Terms and Conditions are adjudged amerceable or inoperable for any reason, constant shall be cut from the rest of this document and solely that portion of this document that's specifically adjudged amerceable or inoperable shall stop to control the connection between the Bank / B.C. and therefore the client.
Possession & Proprietry Rights
The client agrees that he/she shall don't have any claims/rights of any character within the holding rights emerge out of and in reference to Cubber Pay notecase and Services to it. The customers more initiates that he/she shall not plan totranslate, alter, modify, take apart, obscure, reverse or decompile engineer the computer code underlying mobile banking or produce any by product supported the computer code.
Force Majeure
The Bank and / or B.C. shall inform the client of the existence of a tragedy Event thanks to that the Bank and / or B.C. is also not able to make the services fully or partially. "Force Majeure Event" beneath this agreement will base any event by virtue of any cause on the far side the affordable management of the Bank and / or B.C., including, while not limitation, inconvenience of any communication system, violation or virus within the phenomenon or payment instrument, fire, explosion, civil commotion, strikes, sabotage, flood, acts of God or industrial action of any kind, war, laptop hacking, riots, unauthorized, rebellion, acts of stateaccess to laptop knowledge and device, laptop crashes, breach of security and encoding, etc.
Client Convenants To Not
  • Impersonate any individual or entity, or create any false claim;
  • Access the postpaid Payment Accounts of the other client while not athorization/permission;
  • Perform the other similar dishonorable activity;
  • Infringe Banks and / or B.C. `s or any third party's property rights, rights of promotion or privacy;
  • Use the Services in a very manner that ends up in or could lead to complaints, disputes, reversals, chargebacks, fees, penalties and different liability to the Bank and / or B.C. , any third party or You;
  • Purchase of any product or trade goods which could or which can be contraband or proscribed by law or may lead to against the law mistreatment Cubber Pay billfold, in such a case the Bank and / or B.C. shall not be liable and it shall be the only responsibility of the Customer;
The laws of Asian country shall govern these terms. Just in times of any dispute emerge out of or in reference to Cubber Pay wallet the Customer shall approximate the grievance rectify forum in accordance with the grievance redressal policy as ordered out on the web site. The client herewith agrees that any legal proceeding or proceedings arising out of those Terms and Conditions shall be brought within the courts or tribunals at city in Asian country and absolutely submit themselves to the authority of such courts and tribunals. The Bank and / or B.C., however, in its absolute discretion, could start any legal proceeding or proceedings arising out of the terms in the other court, court or different acceptable forum, and therefore the user herewith consents to it jurisdiction. Any provision of those terms, that is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, shall, on such jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent of prohibition or unenforceability however shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of the Terms or have an effect on such provision in the other jurisdiction.